About the Schlöss Bosses

We are Kelley and Jesse.

Welcome to our schlöss!

We are two weirdos who have been together for seven years and decided to take the leap into home ownership. Kelley is a chemist. Jesse is a quasi-accountant and metalhead extraordinaire. Jesse hates doing yard work. Kelley hates doing dishes. Jesse lacks motivation. Kelley lacks follow-through. We both love our cat Bean, ridiculous dancing, beer, and The Flaming Lips. Together, we are going to turn a 1905 colonial into our own palace!

We’re here to conquer DIY. We’re here to keep track of our progress, both in the improvement in our home and the evolution of our skill. We’re here to prove to ourselves that we can do this. And we’re here because blogging is the cool thing to do.


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